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Carthage Crowdfunding: In their own words

  • The Crowdfunding Challenge runs through Nov. 15
    The Crowdfunding Challenge runs through Nov. 15


Daniel Dick

November 14, 2017

Today is the final day to support the Carthage Crowdfunding Challenge!

Over the last 30 days, the Carthage community has fully funded two of the six projects with the remainder edging closer to completion. We need your help with the final four projects. Visit to learn more and make your gift today.

Alumni, faculty, staff, parents, and even current students have all stepped up to support these initiatives. Learn more about their passion for these projects, in their own words:

Emerging Leaders Retreat

Becky Windberg, Assistant Dean of Students
“Emerging Leaders Retreats tend to be a launching experience for students’ intentional leadership plans during their collegiate experience and beyond. During these retreats, students explore what type of leader they are currently, how to develop their skills and where to apply them. Hosting retreats off-campus creates great meaning-making experiences by getting away from the hustle of campus and developing deeper relationships with one another — many lasting memories are created around campfires and cooking meals together! This project is truly special, and your support helps freshmen and sophomores attend this retreat.”

Summer Internships

Hollis McPeek ’12
“Carthage did a wonderful job setting me up for success post-graduation, and a major part of that I attribute to the Smeds Executive Internship program. I supported the internships project because I believe internships are essential for students to understand the professional world. These experiences give a competitive advantage over other job-seeking graduates and put Carthage students on top.”

Celebrate Equity at Carthage

Susan Jones, Leadership Annual Giving Officer
“The equity project made me step back and realize there’s a large part of Carthage’s history I am unaware of. I am so grateful to Student Government and its president, Ellena, for recognizing this need and wanting to address it. Kudos to our amazing students pushing for crowdfunding toward this initiative!”

Vet Night of the Arts

Martin McClendon, Associate Professor of Theatre
“Supporting crowdfunding provides a way for the Carthage community to come together and support programming like the Theatre Department’s Vet Night of the Arts. Everyone who contributes gives a ‘piece’ of the project. Vet Night is a chance for the whole community, veterans and non-vets alike, to come together and celebrate veteran service and also be part of a conversation about veteran issues.”

Owen Myers ’18
“The Carthage Crowdfunding Challenge allows projects with a direct impact on students to be supported by the generosity of many. Focusing on projects that are student chosen creates opportunities for friends of Carthage to enhance current student experiences through small gifts. The Vet Night of the Arts project is a special project for me. As a young member of our armed forces, it gives me a chance to learn about the heritage, sacrifices, and accomplishment that give meaning to the uniform I wear today. The creativity, interaction, and passion put into Vet Night of the Arts by Carthage’s Theatre Department is truly a spectacular way to bridge the gap between those with and without military experience.”

Study Abroad

Erik Kulke, Director of Education Abroad
“Study abroad is recognized as an incredibly valuable experience for students, and they are impacted in many ways: academically, culturally, linguistically, personally, and professionally.  At the same time, we recognize that, for some of our students, they wouldn’t be able to participate in this transformative experience without additional grants or scholarships. That’s why supporting this challenge is so important — financial limitations shouldn’t prevent dedicated, well-qualified students from studying abroad. Thanks to everyone who has contributed (and to those who are going to now … nudge, nudge)!”

Learn more about all six projects, make your gift, and see who has already given by visiting