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Model UN students are successful for the third year in a row!


Jeff Roberg

December 05, 2017

How did you spend your Thanksgiving Break? Our 34 Model United Nations students, accompanied by Professor Jeffrey Roberg (Political Science), spent four days of their break in Chicago participating in the American Model United Nations (AMUN) conference.

Carthage Model UN Students participated in the 2017 AMUN conference over Thanksgiving break.

With very little sleep, but good diplomatic skills, our students tackled issues of international importance such as: combating violence and violent extremism, bridging digital divides, enhancing regional economic cooperation and integration in Asia and the Pacific, antimicrobial resistance, and the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

Alex D. KnudsenAlex D. KnudsenCarthage Model UN students competed in a field of approximately 1,500 students from 92 universities and colleges across the United States and the world. In the process, our Model UN students won the following three awards at AMUN:

  • Alex D. Knudsen — for his exceptional representation as a party to the dispute as Pakistan on the Historical Commission of 1948
  • Cara Hull and Owen L. Myers — for their exceptional representation as Pakistan on the Historical Security Council of 1994
  • Demarias Daniels — for his exceptional representation of Kyrgyzstan on the World Summit on the Information Society +10.

Congratulations to all our members of our Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Pakistan delegations for their great work!

Demarias DanielsDemarias DanielsStudents representing the country of Afghanistan: Logen Bartz, Eryn Benner, Laura Hammock, Olivia Hanley, Daniel Jensen, Shawn Klein, Kailey Kraus, James Meason, Brad Rutter, and Dulce Zarinana

Students representing the country of Pakistan: John Archer, Michael Arient, Nicole Banistean, Kori Davis, Michael Huff, Cara Hull, Michael Knaak, Alex Knudsen, Jenna Leazott, Caitlin McCombe, Owen Myers, Alexander Oblein, Abby Roberts, and Mattie Weber  

Cara Hull and Owen L. MyersCara Hull and Owen L. MyersStudents representing the country of Kyrgyzstan: Joseph Alfakhori, Madeline Anderson, Sydni Baluch, Demarias Daniels, Alleigh Fine, Malik Frazier, Erin Freeman, Rebecca Rankins, Jonah Siminak, Zachary Wall 

In addition to our students representing these countries, Zoe Shaw ’18 and Rich Ward ’16 were part of the staff that worked the conference.

Please congratulate all of these students for their excellent efforts and for a successful third year at AMUN! They were a great team!