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HR support during transition


Randy Barfield

January 28, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

In my last communication to you a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that we would be bringing in some temporary assistance to help support our human resources functions while we complete the search for our next Human Resources Manager. Please welcome Laurie Walker ( from MRA – The Management Association. Laurie will generally be on campus on Tuesdays and other times as needed. She will support us in the areas of recruiting and staffing, employee relations, and workers’ compensation matters. Laurie has already started reaching out to those of you with open personnel requisitions and ongoing searches.

For routine queries about benefits and other HR matters, please continue to work with Julie Morse, Human Resources Information Specialist (

Both Julie and Laurie will be in the new HR offices located on the 3rd floor of Lentz Hall beginning this week. Of course, anyone may reach out to me as well.

This week, the HR Manager search committee will begin telephone screening some of the candidates. We have a solid pool of candidates, and we hope to complete telephone screening by early next week. Members of the search committee are: Deanna Byrnes, Steve Farris, Michele Hancock, Abby Heinrichs, Karen Howell, Ed Kawakami, Jeff Teague, Cindy Welch, and myself.


Randy Barfield
Vice President for Business/Chief Financial Officer