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Complete your device network registration


Max McGrath

February 13, 2018

As you settle in for the start of the semester, we wanted to remind you how to quickly register your gaming devices and other smart devices (smart TVs, Apple TVs, Blu-Ray players, etc.) on the campus network.

On an already registered device connected to the campus network, open a web browser and navigate to Here, you will have to read and accept the network use policy, and log in with your Carthage username and password.

Once signed in, you will need to enter the MAC address of your device and choose the device type. A MAC address is 12 characters in length and contains only 0-9 and A-F.  Once registered, reboot the device and try accessing the Internet. As with all network registrations, this will grant you 180 days of network access.

If you need any assistance, please email