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Professor Julio Rivera invited to present on location analytics in California

  • Prof. Julio Rivera
    Prof. Julio Rivera
    Carthage College


Thomas Groleau

February 08, 2018

Julio Rivera, Professor of Management, Marketing, and Geospatial Science, was invited to make an opening keynote presentation on “Integrating GIS in the Business Curriculum” at the Leadership Workshop on Location Analytics hosted by ESRI and the University of California-Santa Barbara. The three day workshop focused on preparing early career researchers to integrate location technologies with business scholarship and practice. Participants interacted with leading scholars in business and geographic information science as well as data science professionals from industry.

Prof. Rivera’s talk focused on models and opportunities to deepen location analytics in business schools. Location analytics is the subset of business analytics that is concerned with gaining insights by analyzing the spatial component of business data. Leading retail, real estate, finance, manufacturing, and logistics firms, among others, implement location strategies to gain competitive advantage. A new generation of business researchers and educators is beginning to recognize location analytics as a distinctive professional specialty.