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Staff members: Get a free lunch by joining the Spring Semester Staff Book Club


Jean Preston

February 23, 2018

Staff members can get a free lunch by joining the Spring Semester Staff Book Club, sponsored by Staff Council!

How do you do that? It’s easy! Follow these steps:

1)  Choose one of these two books by the end of the day on Friday, Feb. 23:

“Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results”
According to, “The book ‘Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results’ isn’t for eliminating bad habits (though some principles could be useful for breaking habits). Mini Habits is a strategy to create permanent healthy habits.” If your New Year’s resolutions have been shelved until next January, or if you are looking for a new perspective on making real and lasting changes in your life (i.e., exercise, writing, reading, thinking positively, meditating, drinking more water, eating healthy foods), join the Spring 2018 Staff Council Book Club and sign up to read this book!

“Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together, And Others Don’t”
Author Simon Sinek noticed in his travels and work with organizations around the world that some teams shared complete trust, while other teams were doomed to fail no matter how many incentives were offered. This book strives to find out why this is so, and models many United States Marine Corps principles. “Leaders Eat Last” is not a metaphor; rather, it is a literal practice in the Marine Corps where the most junior officers eat first, and the most senior Marines eat last. Sinek asserts that the best workplaces foster environments of trust, cooperation, and overall well-being (which begins and ends with workplace leaders who model positive feelings instead of cynicism and self-interest, and foster those traits in their coworkers). No matter what position you hold in the workplace, this book offers insight and real-life examples for becoming a better leader. 

2)  Read the book you select by March 16 (Staff Council will deliver the book to you, free of charge).

3)  Post your favorite quotes on your group’s site during the reading period. (This is optional.)

4) Discuss the book with your group at a served luncheon the week of March 26.

This club includes free books, free lunch, and no tests!  What could be better?

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