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Foxconn panel: ‘Foxconn in Wisconsin and Beyond’ TODAY

  • Carthage will host a series of panel discussions examining the potential impact of the Foxconn manufacturing facility.
    State of Wisconsin


Darwin Tsen

March 21, 2018

Through a $3 billion tax incentive program signed with the State of Wisconsin, Foxconn (Hon Hai Group) has formally landed in Mount Pleasant. Inform yourself on how Foxconn’s advent will impact statewide economic prospects, the local community, and your own future.

Join us for three panels of lively discussion featuring faculty members from accounting and finance, business management, Chinese, economics, geography, history, and political science, as well as leaders from the Kenosha/Racine community.

The remaining “Foxconn in Wisconsin” forum will be held from 4 to 5:30 p.m., on Wednesday, March 21, in the Todd Wehr Center’s 128 rooms. Refreshments will be provided at each forum. Parking will be available in the South Upper, South Lower, and North parking lots. Shuttle service will be available. See campus map.

Each of the first two forums drew an audience of more than 150. Panelists discussed “Impacts on Local Culture and Community” and “Impacts on Local Government, Geography, and Policy.”

Wednesday, March 21

“Foxconn in Wisconsin and Beyond”

As the economy becomes more globally interconnected, firms have expanded across countries and continents. This has challenged governments to make their locales well suited for both local and international businesses. Responses have varied from direct subsidies to firms, local workforce training programs, local infrastructure investment, and to cross-cultural exchanges aimed towards lowering cultural barriers. What are some broad trends in the statewide and international economy that the Foxconn plant is a part of? What are the likely benefits and costs for Wisconsin in bringing Foxconn here?


  • Dave DeGroot, Mount Pleasant Village President
  • Ron Cronovich, Professor of Economics at Carthage
  • Arthur Cyr, Professor of Political Science at Carthage
  • Nick Demske ’06, candidate for Racine County Board
  • Erik Johnson, Assistant Professor of Economics at Carthage
  • Chao Zheng, Assistant Professor of Accounting and Finance at Carthage


— Event organizers: Professors Darwin Tsen and Erik Johnson