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David García named Provost at Carthage College

January 23, 2014

Dr. David García has been named provost and chief academic officer at Carthage.

Dr. David García has been named Provost and Chief Academic Officer at Carthage College.He joins Carthage from his current position as associate provost for business intelligence at Ithaca College. In this role, Dr. García conceptualized, implemented, and executed a business intelligence strategy for the College, assuring availability and access to institutional data, insightful analysis, and informed institutional decision-making. He is responsible for the structure and allocation of budgets for the divisions of Educational Affairs at Ithaca College, totaling approximately $75 million, as well as the management of major capital projects as they relate to Educational Affairs.

“I am elated that Dr. García will become Carthage’s next provost,” says Carthage College President Gregory Woodward. “The broad experiences he has had in higher education have provided him with a vast skill set that perfectly matches the needs and goals at this moment in time at Carthage. His understanding of the various roles of the faculty, staff, and administration will be invaluable in leading a multifaceted academic affairs office. His expertise in budgeting, institutional research, faculty workload, and staffing is outstanding, and will be put to immediate and effective use at Carthage.”

Prior to his appointment to the Provost Office, Dr. García served as executive associate dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences, the largest school at Ithaca College, consisting of 21 academic departments. In addition to helping in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of academic programs in the school, he worked closely with departments and programs to oversee curriculum development, student learning outcome assessment, and the supervision of 25 administrative and professional staff members. He provided leadership on the expansion of a core educational experience across the College, as well as various interdisciplinary initiatives, including the College’s honors program, civic engagement committee, and teacher education accreditation.

A highly accomplished faculty member and administrator, Dr. García began his career at New York University. He served as assistant director of instructional resources and faculty development before being named the director of instruction and curriculum development in the General Studies Program, a two-year interdisciplinary initiative serving some 1,350 students in New York city and Florence, Italy. As director, Dr. García oversaw the recruiting, hiring, and evaluating of approximately 42 full-time and 50 part-time faculty, and planned and led program-wide faculty development activities. During his tenure he directed the writing and implementation of the program’s first major curriculum revision in 20 years.

A recipient of the SCPS Teaching Excellence Award at NYU, Dr. García has taught at every stage of his career. He continues to present at conferences nationally and to lecture as his administrative schedule allows. In 2008–2009, he participated in the American Council on Education (ACE) Fellows Program, the premier professional development program for higher education administrators. Dr. García holds a doctorate and a master’s degree in English from Cornell University, and a bachelor’s degree in English from Yale University.

“I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that David García was among the finalists in the search, and I knew immediately that our marvelous search committee had discovered someone that many people in higher education consider to be a rising administrative star,” says President Woodward. “My sincere thanks to chairs Professor Christine Blaine and Senior Vice President Brad Andrews and the rest of the search committee, who devoted a great deal of time and effort to this critical task. Their work was done thoroughly and professionally in every possible way.”

Dr. García will begin his new role on July 1, 2014. He replaces Provost Julio Rivera, who has served admirably since 2010. Provost Rivera, a professor of geography at Carthage since 1997, will return to the Carthage faculty.

“Provost Julio Rivera has done an excellent job as provost, advancing many initiatives and serving admirably through a period of leadership transition,” says President Woodward. “We are all fortunate that Dr. Rivera will continue to be a campus leader as a member of our faculty.”

“Please join me in welcoming David and his family to the Carthage community,” says President Woodward. “The next five years will be an important period in shaping and determining the future character and success of the college. I look forward to the many challenges and opportunities with absolute confidence in our new provost, and to the enjoyable efforts of our new partnership.”