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Writing Center reminders and updates


Jean Preston

September 04, 2018

The Writing Center opened on Monday, Sept. 10, and our online schedule will be available to your students by that date. Here are a few reminders and updates regarding Writing Center services:

If you notice a student struggling with basic writing skills in the first few weeks of class, think about talking to them about our Skills Intensive Program and recommending that student for it.  Additional information about the Skills Intensive Program can be found on our website.

Remember to schedule your Writing Center Class Visit (or, bring your class to the Writing Center for a tour!). Class visits can be as simple as a 10-minute introduction to the Writing Center, or a longer workshop or presentation on a specific writing topic. For instance, Writing Fellows can assist you with a peer review activity, present on thesis development, or help your students learn a specific citation style. Our class visit/tour request form can be found on our website. 

New to the Writing Center this semester is our “Technique of the Week” initiative. The Center’s weekly staff training sessions will include a “refresher course” in various grammar/mechanics/usage topics for the Writing Fellows, researched and presented by the newest members of our tutoring staff.

Each week’s technique will be a focus in the Writing Center the following week, with tutors noting that week’s writing issue in our clients’ papers, talking with clients specifically about that topic, and offering a handout to clients on the topic. Our Wednesday Bridge announcements will detail the following week’s “Technique of the Week” for both faculty and students.

Resources are available on our website include:

  • Writing Center Class Visit/Tour Request Form
  • Skills Intensive Program Information and Recommendation Form
  • Registration Information for WCOnline (the Writing Center’s online scheduling program)

Once again, welcome back - we look forward to working with you and with your students this semester in the Writing Center!