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Communication senior thesis presentations TODAY


Jonathan Bruning

December 07, 2018

The Communication and Digital Media Department would like to announce the Fall 2018 communication senior thesis presentations. This semester, more than 20 students will be participating.

This year’s presentations will be modified poster sessions. Students will briefly introduce their study at the beginning of the session. Each student has also produced a poster to facilitate individual investigation and interaction, which will be the format for the remainder of the session.

Sessions will be held from 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday through Friday this week in Hedberg Library 217.

Please join us—all are welcome.

Presentation Schedule:

Tuesday, Dec. 4
Abby Mueller ’19
Connor Schoepel ’19
Madeline Zeller ’19
Stephanie Sewood ’19
Lihannah Duncan ’19
Gloria Scott ’19

Wednesday, Dec. 5
Bernie Hauerwas ’19
Jack Regnier ’19
Jordan Tallman ’19
Malea Fischer ’19
Emily Langer ’19

Thursday, Dec. 6
Patrick O’Neil ’19
Michelle Looney ’19
Emily Robicheaux ’19
Melanie McClure ’19
Kass Kwilas ’19
Alex Byrne ’19

Friday, Dec. 7
Sam Payton ’19
Sarah Polick ’19
Emmy Schwerdt ’19
Kenny Hyllberg ’19
Claire Denton ’19
Vince Canovas ’19