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Prof. Perry Kivolowitz’s software wins Academy Award

  • Professor Perry Kivolowitz
    Professor Perry Kivolowitz
December 18, 2018

SilhouetteFX, visual effects software co-written by Carthage computer science professor Perry Kivolowitz, will receive an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Scientific and Technical Achievement Award in February 2019.

According to the Academy, “Silhouette provides a comprehensive solution for painting, rotoscoping, and image manipulation of high-resolution image sequences. Its fast, scalable, and extensible architecture has resulted in wide adoption in motion picture post-production.”

The award names two of Prof. Kivolowitz’ partners, Paul Miller, lead programmer, and Marco Paolini, lead designer. A recipient of a Scientific and Technical Achievement Award in 1996 for the invention of shape-driven warping and morphing, Prof. Kivolowitz is proud that software, to which he has contributed for 14 years, has been honored in this way.

Prof. Kivolowitz will be teaching CSC 1100-Introduction to Computing this coming spring term. The course, which currently has room available, teaches Python programming to non-computer science majors, using image processing as its theme. In the spring of 2020, Prof. Kivolowitz will teach CSC 4770-Computer Graphics for computer science majors and minors.