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Carthage professors Angela Dassow and Sheryl Konrad participated in the 2019 QUBES Faculty Mentoring Network’s “Making the Case” workshop, where they developed and published data-focused adaptations of two popular biology case studies: “How Many More Thymes?” and “Polar Bear of the Salt Marsh?”. Their adaptation of “How Many More Thymes?” was featured as the QUBES Resource of the Week on June 6, 2019.

Their work, aimed at building student confidence and competence in experimental design, data collection, and data analysis, incorporates several active learning modules into the original case studies. They created these activities to complement topics covered in BIO 1120: Organisms, Populations, and Systems, a class that’s part of the introductory sequence for Carthage biology majors, and piloted their use during the spring semester.

QUBES FMN participants publish case study modifications along with how-to teaching notes, enabling educators to adopt and adapt the activities for their own courses. Learn more at