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Be mindful of email scams


Erin Mortensen

September 06, 2019

Hello everyone!

As you are returning or preparing to return to campus, we wished to advise you of scams that some students have received recently. The below text has been emailed to at least one student:

Hello, I
graduated from Carthage College. I contacted your school admin at Carthage College that I was looking for an Administrative/Personal Assistant and your email was sent to me, they said you are an honest person. This job is flexible and extremely rewarding. Get back to me ASAP if you are interested in more information.

Lucy Bryan 

This type of email is not credible and you should not respond. If you do receive an email such as this, please email Erin Mortensen, director of Public Safety, at We will partner with Library and Information Services to block the email addresses.

Thank you and we are looking forward to your return!

Office of Public Safety