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Connecting to wireless


Max McGrath

September 03, 2019

Carthage maintains two wireless networks: Carthage-Open and Carthage-Secure. Both networks offer the same speed and reliability, however, Carthage-Secure utilizes the latest encryption technologies to secure your connection.

It is recommended that you connect your devices to Carthage-Secure when possible. Most of your primary devices (computers, tablets, phones) will connect to Carthage-Secure without issue, while IoT devices (smart TVs, voice assistants, gaming consoles, etc.) usually don’t support the back-end encryption technologies in use on Carthage-Secure. These devices should be connected to Carthage-Open.

Having your device configured to connect to both Carthage-Open and Carthage-Secure will cause problems! Make sure your device is only configured to connect to one wireless network (seeing multiple networks and being configured to connect to multiple networks are two different things). If your device is configured for both networks, please use the following documentation to properly “forget” a network:

If you need any assistance, please send an email to