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President Swallow visits Mandeure excavations in Eastern France

  • President Swallow plays an ancient Celtic war trumpet (carnyx) during his visit to the Mandeure excavations.


Daniel Schowalter

August 20, 2019

Carthage President John Swallow and his wife Cameron visited the archaeological excavation at Mandeure in Eastern France on Friday, Aug. 16. President Swallow toured the Roman theater site with Carthage students who told him about the work they had been doing at the site since Aug. 4, and discussed what they had learned about archaeology and the western Roman Empire. 

The President was welcomed by French colleagues and by the mayor of the nearby town of Mathay, who is also the vice-president of Le Syndicat Intercommunal à Vocation Archéologique Mandeure Mathay (SIVAMM), a joint venture of local governments that supports archaeological research in the region. The mayor and President Swallow signed an agreement for cooperation between Carthage and SIVAMM. 

The highlight of the President’s visit was his musical performance on a replica of an ancient Celtic war trumpet (Carnyx) that had been reconstructed from bronze pieces found at the site. Cameron Swallow also played the instrument and delighted the crowd with a version of La Marseillaise, the French national anthem.

President Swallow and Cameron Swallow greet Prof. Jean-Yves Marc of Strasbourg University and Pie...President Swallow and Cameron Swallow greet Prof. Jean-Yves Marc of Strasbourg University and Pierre Mougin of SIVAMM.


Classics/Mandeure Excavations


Dan Schowalter