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What we built on your summer break

September 02, 2019

While most students and faculty were away for the summer, Carthage undertook a bunch of projects to improve facilities across the campus. Here’s a brief roundup of what you’ll notice:

Lentz Do Lunch, a grab-and-go kiosk in the Lentz Hall lobby, opened in fall 2019.Lentz Do Lunch, a grab-and-go kiosk in the Lentz Hall lobby, opened in fall 2019.Dining options


Named for its location in the Lentz Hall lobby, this new grab-and-go kiosk provides another high-quality, low-cost lunch option from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. weekdays. Cafeteria meal points can be used at Lentz Do Lunch, which features a menu of sandwiches, soups, and salads made with locally sourced ingredients. An internal review showed a significant number of students spend lunchtime on the north end of campus.


Changes also came to The Caf, the main campus dining center in the Todd Wehr Center, to accommodate the extra traffic that’s expected as a result of recent changes to some students’ meal plans:

  • The College boosted capacity (both seating and WiFi) in The Caf by roughly one-third. The most visible new elements are laptop bars with USB and wireless phone charging stations.
  • There’s no need to scrape off plates anymore when returning your dirty dishes — just put them on the conveyor system. A newly installed dishwasher dehydrates food scraps into pellets that can be used as fertilizer on campus.

Students can also expect a larger variety of foods — including more healthy choices — now that the College has budgeted an additional 21 percent per meal for ingredients in The Caf. Closing two lightly used vendors (Freshëns and Seattle’s Best Coffee) allowed the College to invest in these improvements.

Classroom spaces

  • If your fall schedule shows a class in Lentz Hall 301, you’ll find the new room in the northeast corner of the building’s ground floor. Workers converted the old Office of the Provost (which moved upstairs to the fourth floor) to a classroom and conference room. The new space is needed to offset the loss of LH 425, which The Aspire Center will absorb in its 2019-20 expansion.
  • Over at Hedberg Library, a new interior wall divides the Saemann resource center into two distinct spaces: a classroom/meeting room (HL 217A) and computer lab (217B). This makes it easier for separate groups to use those areas at the same time without distraction.

Residential life

  • The summertime work included major renovations to four bathrooms in Joseph Johnson Residence Hall. They’re fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Carthage also upgraded the electrical systems in Johnson and Henry Denhart halls, and both buildings will receive hot water from a new high-efficiency boiler in the Todd Wehr Center.

Stay tuned to The Bridge for other upcoming improvement projects!