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Help students start off on the ‘write’ foot!


Heather Carroll

September 19, 2019

The Writing Center began regular fall hours on Monday, Sept 9. Open seven days a week, the Center offers free one-on-one peer writing assistance (at all skill levels, in any discipline, and at any stage in the writing process) to all Carthage students. Students can reserve Writing Center sessions through our online scheduling system, WCOnline. Directions for creating an account and reserving sessions can be found on our website

The Writing Center also offers a “Skills Intensive Program” for students in need of ongoing assistance with basic writing skills. If you notice a student struggling with basic writing skills, please talk with that student about our program and use the new Student Outreach System (SOS) to let the Writing Center know of the student’s need. (If you identify the concern as a “grades” concern in SOS, the Writing Center Director will be notified.) 

Also, remember to schedule your Writing Center class visit or tour. Conducted by student Writing Fellows, class visits can be as simple as a 10-minute introduction to the Writing Center, or a longer workshop or presentation on a specific writing topic. For instance, Writing Fellows can assist you with a peer review activity or present a workshop on thesis development. Tours are a great way for students to learn where the Writing Center is located, and to see what a welcoming space it is.   

We are very excited to work with your students in the Writing Center this semester. The forms and resources mentioned above (as well as other helpful information) can be accessed on our website


Writing Center


Heather Carroll 262-551-6336