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Student Government’s meeting minutes from Oct. 1

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Evan Blievernicht

October 08, 2019

Student Government Meeting Agenda — Oct. 1, 2019

  • Call to Order — 9:19, Oct. 1, 2019
  • Attendance
  • Approval of Meeting Minutes
    • Approved
  • Special Guests
  • Junior Senator Seat
    • None present to run
  • Senior Senator Seat
    • None present to run
  • Organization Seats (2 open)
    • Phi Alpha Delta
      • Appointed to Org Seat
    • Carthage Red Scare Water polo
      • Appointed to Org Seat
  • Public Comments
  • Conner Schupp
  • Tuition reset
    • Discussion
      • Is there a place that Carthage has answered some of those questions?
      • Look at the handout and read the subpage in the Carthage College website
      • What should we do about this?
        • The letter is fairly outdated; we might have to check up on the student to see if they have any actions they would prefer for us to take.
        • Possibility to asking the board to keep us informed about updates in the college.
  • Cabinet Reports
    • President: Micah Pahl (
      • Report for board of trustees that Abi or Micah will be presenting to them.
  • Speaker of the Senate: Noah Griser (
    • We still have two seats open (Junior and Senior).
    • Ask questions
    • Email if you cannot attend meetings
  • Advisor Reports: Kimberlie Goldsberry, Nick Winkler, and Liz Snider (
  • Committee Reports
  • Finance
    • Hockey Club
      • Special Allocation
      • Motion to allocate recommended amount
        • Passed
    • Horticulture Club
      • Special Allocation
      • Motion to allocate recommended amount
        • Passed
    • Ultimate Frisbee
      • Special Allocation
      • Motion to allocate recommended amount
        • Passed
  • Outreach
    • Forums are still being worked on. The first forum will be held is Title IX.
    • Discussion with Lance about the bulletin board
  • Student Organization Liaison: Claire Sievert (
  • Public Relations Liaison: Riley Shine (
  • Title IX Liaison: Taylor Kafer (
    • Domestic violence month
    • Forum soon
    • Parties attending
      • Health and counseling
      • Women and children horizons
      • Public safety
    • “Upstander” training for Student Government
    • Thursday’s in black
      • Wear black on Thursday
      • Possible Carthage College black-out day
  • Senator Reports
    • Sareena (transfer senator)
      • Potential bonding experience for transfer students with food toward the end of this month
      • Discussion
      • Students can request to attend orientation.
      • In the past, transfer students were asked to attend orientation; however, the college received a lot of negative feedback from those students.
      • Is there a process that student government can take to return the model to the past with having an “opt out” option
      • Extending to out of state students
  • Organization Reports
  • Old Business
  • New Business
    • Resolution Information
      • Look at the template and past resolution
      • Find statistics
      • Division
      • “Whereas statements”
      • Gives background and information about why the resolution is being pushed
      • Operative clauses
      • Current tense
      • Tells the reader what Student Government will do with its power
      • Amendments
      • Resolutions will be sent to SG speaker and there will be discussion about the resolution in a first meeting
      • In the following meeting, the voting will take place on the resolution.
      • For additional information, speak to Petula or the executives
      • SGR 1906
      • Edited; no further action taken
      • SGR 1907
      • Edited; no further action taken
  • Reminders/Announcements
    • Use technology appropriately
  • Adjournment — 11:06 


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