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Support a Carthage crowdfunding campaign TODAY


Samantha Panozzo

November 15, 2019

Today is the last day to donate to Carthage’s crowdfunding campaigns! Carthage his holding six crowdfunding campaigns that span all areas of campus, and impact all Carthage students. Visit our site and support the campaigns that you feel most passionate about.

  • The Big Red Book Fund — This fund was started by our library staff and helps students who cannot afford their required textbooks. Your contribution will help the College buy and lend textbooks each semester for students in need.
  • Pat Pfaffle Memorial Sign — Professor Pfaffle touched so many lives during his time as a professor on campus, from biology majors to all of those who went with him to Nicaragua. Honor his memory with a sign on campus pointing to all the places Carthage students travel on J-Term.
  • Nkume Primary School — The Nkume Primary School is an overcrowded and underfunded school in South Africa. Carthage students travel to South Africa to help the school with its three primary needs: sanitation, teacher education, and business education. Your gift helps support both Carthage and Nkume students.
  • Ibuka Dance Foundation Residency — The Ibuka Dance Foundation is a group from Tanzania that toured their country with the Carthage Treble Choir in 2016. This spring, Professor Peter Dennee hopes to bring the group to the United States to tour the Midwest with the choir.
  • Greek Insurance Campaign — To keep Greek life at Carthage safe, healthy, and thriving, liability insurance is now required for each chapter. Help offset the additional cost of carrying the required insurance by approximately $25 per student through your donation now.
  • Internship Support — Internships are a valuable experience for our students to have as they enter the workforce. To provide equitable access to all internships, The Aspire Program is seeking additional funds to help Carthage students complete unpaid and underpaid internships.