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TODAY is the last day to register for Teaching Commons


Dennis Munk

November 22, 2019

Do you find talking with your colleagues about teaching to be both enjoyable and informative? Do you enjoy the social aspects of working alongside colleagues on a project of high interest? Participation in a learning community can provide you these opportunities!

All faculty and staff are invited to participate in this year’s learning communities, which will begin in February 2020 and end in December 2020. Following are our six communities and their facilitators:

  • Writing, Reading (but No Arithmetic): Teaching Writing-Intensive, Discussion-Based Courses.
    Facilitator and contact: Dimitri Shapovalov, Associate Professor of Music
  • We are the World; Supporting Community and Experiential Focused Learning.
    Facilitator and contact: Laura Huaracha, Associate Professor of Communication and Digital Media  
  • Military Service Support Initiative (MSSI).
    Facilitator and contact: Becki Hornung, Chair, Social Work Department; Assistant Professor of Social Work
  • (Fill-in-the-blank) Humanities.
    Facilitator and contact: David García, Professor of English
  • Vocation Learning Community.
    Facilitator and contact: Kara Baylor, Campus Pastor
  • Diversity, Women, and Higher Education.
    Facilitator and contact: Sandie Bisciglia, Assistant Professor of Religion and Women’s and Gender Studies (

You will find an overview of how learning communities work, descriptions of the above communities, and a link to register at Carthage Learning Communities

The deadline for registration is Friday, Nov. 22. You are encouraged to contact the facilitators to learn more about the focus of each community. General questions may be directed to the Teaching Commons at


Teaching Commons


Dennis Munk, Director,