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English senior thesis presentations Tuesday and Thursday


Maria Carrig

November 16, 2019

Please join us for the English majors’ senior thesis presentations from 6:30 to 8 p.m. this Tuesday, Nov. 19 and Thursday, Nov. 21 from in the Niemann Media Theatre (Hedberg Library). Lots of refreshments will be served. Below is a list of the presenters with the titles of their essays. Feel free to drop by for some or all of either evening.

Tuesday, Nov. 19

Joe Hansen ’20
“It was phrenzy that dictated my deed”: Wieland’s Fear of the Mind and the American Gothic

Samantha Reichl ’20
The Ideal Woman and the Performance of Maternity: Deconstructing Sex in “Herland”

Taylor Faubel ’20
Edna’s Self Destruction: How Unspecified Depressive Disorder Leads to Suicide in Kate Chopin’s “The Awakening”

Miranda Paikowski ’20
Grand Omissions and Feminine Revelations: A Psychoanalytic Portrait of Isabel Archer in “The Portrait of a Lady”

Mattea Arndt ’20 
The Eve-olution: Formation of Identity through Failure in “Paradise Lost”

Synclaire Lunardi ’20
Fighting Like a Girl: The Revolutionary Feminine Hero in “Prometheus Unbound”

Isabella Norante ’20
Poisons of the Patriarchy: Breaking the Pattern of Female Trauma and Myth in “A Thousand Acres” 

Thursday, Nov. 21

Emalee Cramer ’20
“’Twas I but ’tis not I”: Shifting Queer Identity and Performance in “As You Like It”

Leah Dreyer ’20
“Winged Cupid painted blind”: Perception and Performance of Love in A Midsummer Night’s Dream 

Megan Casey ’20 
“We Are All Fools In Love”: Humor’s Influence in the Development of Romantic Relationships in “Pride and Prejudice”

Emma Swain ’20
From Page to Stage: Revealing Truth through Performance in “Fun Home, a Family Tragicomic”

Caleb Hays ’20
“Malone Dies,” Modernism Lives: Beckett’s Deconstruction of Narrative

Erin Applegate ’20
“Are You Afraid of Being Chaotic?”: Reforming the Novel in “The Golden Notebook”

Daphne Adamson ’20  
The Appropriation of Experience: Buried Racial Narratives in “The Handmaid’s Tale”


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