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We asked: What is your best study tip for finals?


The Bridge Editor

December 05, 2019

We asked Carthage students what their best study tips are for finals.

Mason Yee ’23Mason Yee ’23

Major: Business Management

“Leave your phone in your room and find a study space with minimal distractions.”


Keeley Jones ’21Keeley Jones ’21

Major: Public Relations

“Stay well rested. Sleep is so important. My advice is to sleep until you can’t procrastinate anymore!”


Anna Brown ’21

Anna Brown ’21

Major: Music Theatre

“Be sure to give yourself breaks when studying.”


Jimmy Ringrose ’22Jimmy Ringrose ’22

Major: Finance

“If you stayed on top of your work throughout the semester and participated in class, you have nothing to worry about. Relax!” 


Jordan Borner ’23Jordan Borner ’23

Major: Criminal Justice

“Avoid stressing out about your finals. You’ve got this! Also, caffeine is key.”


Heather Walker ’20Heather Walker ’20

Major: Exercise Sport Science

“Studying in the classroom where your exam will take place is extremely beneficial to your success on your exam.”


Emma Azinger ’23Emma Azinger ’23

Major: Nursing

“Don’t procrastinate on your studies. It is much more manageable if you get a head start and do little by little.”


Zoe Gatz ’22Zoe Gatz ’22

Major: Music Theatre and Public Relations

“Coffee is the secret to success.”