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The Division of Fine Arts announces SURE Recipients


Herschel Kruger

April 18, 2014

The Division of Fine Arts has selected Hayley Meents and Jack Lambert as the recipients of the 2014 SURE awards.

Haley Meents: An Investigation of the Roles of Sex and Gender in Hollywood Films

The goal of this project is to investigate the roles of sex and gender in Hollywood and mainstream independent cinema in the United States. The intent is to explore questions about the treatment of women and the other gender types and how this changes society’s views of these individuals. Some of the questions to be investigated include: How are women/other gender identities portrayed in Hollywood films? What are the consequences of these representations in society? When these groups are portrayed in a strong or positive manner, what then is society’s reaction? Is there a difference in representation between iconic Hollywood films and independent films? If so, why? How would changing the representation of these groups, change society?

Jack Lambert: Concept Albums for the Stage: The Uses, Misuses and Creation

Adapting a concept album for the stage is a powerful and underdeveloped method of musical theater creation. The theater and concept album are both mediums used to portray a variety of emotions, themes, and values. With varying degrees of success, there have been productions created in this way such as Tommy, American Idiot, and The Wall. I saw the same artistic potential in the Barenaked Ladies’ album Gordon.  After persistently contacting agents and publishers, I have received the free and exclusive rights to use the music. This provides a perfect opportunity to weave a story for the album’s established ideas based on Greek tragedy, and to arrange songs for a theatrical performance. The objective is the creation of a new musical production using the album.