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Students love two out five Carthage professors! Find out why…


Romwald Maczka

April 19, 2014

Two out of five Carthage profs post student grades in e-Learning, and students love them for it! Think of the advantages …

  • Students love it!
  • It’s easy to do. Fun, even.
  • Grades are stored securely in the cloud.
  • Students get real time grades and projections.
  • E-Learning does the math.
  • Clear up grade questions quickly, as they arise.

You already use a point system to keep grade records, right? Here’s a 2-1/2-minute video on how to do it in e-Learning.

Don’t use points? Then you’re probably using percentage weights. Cool. Here’s the 2-1/2-minute how-to video for you. 

So join the ranks of those whom our students love! Remember the e-Learning Grade Book feature the next time you launch a course.