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Why Google rules my world (and should rule yours, too!)


Courtney Drew

May 05, 2014

Do you realize all of the awesomeness that comes built right into your Gmail account? You can schedule your life through Google calendar, organize it with Tasks, connect with peers over chat, and collaborate through Google Drive. Can you possibly think of a better One Stop Shop?

No need to reinvent the wheel with Doodle Polls!! Put your events on your Google calendar, share it with your colleagues, and use the “Find a Time” function – GOOGLE DOES IT FOR YOU!

Need to organize your to do list? When you’re in your Gmail inbox, click on the arrow next to “Mail” in the top left corner. Scroll to “Tasks” and give yourself a small list for the day. It’ll stay put right there in your mailbox until decide otherwise. Feel a sense of accomplishment as you cross off your tasks, and don’t forget to reward yourself when you’re done.

Working on a presentation with a few people? Open up Google Drive, click “create,” then “Presentation” and then “share.” You can even work on different parts of the presentation at the same time! (I know, now we’re getting crazy.)

Have a quick idea to share with someone? Send a quick chat message and get instant feedback. Bonus: No mail to clog your inbox! This works PERFECTLY to say, “I’m headed to lunch, want to join?”

Questions with Google? E-mail me ( and ask!