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Select 2020-21 housing now through April 9


Amber Krusza

April 07, 2020

The Tower summerHousing selection for the 2020-21 academic year will take place April 6–9. The Office of Residential Life has implemented some new changes with this year’s housing selection process including, but not limited to: housing selection platform, roommate matching, housing options, etc. 

Residency Policy/Eligibility for Housing

Students who will achieve senior standing, earning 102 credits or more by May 2020, are eligible to live off campus for the 2020-21 academic year. Students with senior status wishing to live off campus next year should not sign up for housing. All students with less than 102 credits are required to sign up for housing.

Students with an unfavorable balance on their account are not eligible to participate in the housing selection process. Students with an unfavorable balance are encouraged to connect with the Office of Student Accounts to explore payment options. Additionally, current commuter and off-campus students are not eligible for our first round of housing selection. Commuter and off-campus students interested in participating should send an email to with their preference. The Office of Residential Life can then assist you with selecting a housing assignment in mid-April.

Logging In/Accessing the Process

The housing selection process is completed through your housing self-service portal. You can access your housing self-service portal via your My.Carthage homepage by clicking on the link on the left-hand side of the page. Can’t find your self-service portal or the housing selection process? Check out our walk-through guide to learn more.

Sign Your Housing Contract and Application

Students must sign their housing contract and submit an application to be eligible to participate in the housing selection process. Please note that the housing contract is a binding contract and cannot be broken. We encourage you to read through the entirety of the contract. If you are unable to see your housing contract/application, reach out to the Office of Residential Life at

Note: Students must fill out their housing contract and submit their application by 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, March 31.

Roommate Matching Process

Students have the option of sending a roommate request to up to three other students. Roommate groups must be fully matched to be eligible for suite spaces (i.e. Tower rooms, triples, etc.). All students involved in the roommate group must send/accept each other’s roommate requests to be considered fully matched. Students also have the opportunity to search for a compatible roommate by utilizing our roommate search tool. If you are unable to search for a particular roommate, they may not have filled out their housing contract/application yet. For more information on this function, check out our walk-through guide.

Selecting a Room

Selection dates and times are determined by the number of credits students currently have. For information on selection dates and times, visit our website.

If a roommate group is fully matched, the student with the highest number of credits in the group can secure a housing assignment for the group and sign up all included students at the same time. This is a change from our past processes. Students no longer have to wait for their time to accept a roommate invitation if they are eligible for housing and have matched their roommate group prior to housing selection.

Note: Current commuters, off-campus students, and incoming students are not eligible to participate in the spring housing selection process. Students wishing to room with a student in one of these categories should send an email with their preference to  

Housing Options

Please see our website for a complete list of room types available in each residence hall. Students looking to sign up for a specific Tower or Oaks room should reference the following information:

  • The few single rooms in The Tower will end with the numbers 03. Rooms ending in an odd number 03, 05, or 07 have a view of the entire campus. Rooms ending in an even number 06, 08, or 10 have a lake view. The Tower will not have specific gender-designated floors. Instead, The Tower will resemble the Oaks, breaking gender down to a suite.
  • Single-suite rooms have two single bedrooms and a shared outer area with a bathroom and vanity. These rooms end in an A or B designation and are numbered ending in 01, 02, 03, 11, 12, or 13. Double rooms are one big bedroom for two roommates to share, plus a bathroom. Double rooms are numbered ending in either 00 or 14.


Questions can be directed to the Office of Residential Life at or by phone at 262–551–6169. To learn more about the online housing selection process, please visit the Residential Life website. We look forward to helping you!


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