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Brainard Writing Center offering online feedback sessions


Heather Carroll

March 29, 2020

As all teaching and learning at Carthage will be occurring remotely through the end of the semester, the Brainard Writing Center will be offering asynchronous written feedback sessions rather than our traditional face-to-face appointments. We feel the asynchronous sessions will allow the greatest number of students to continue to access the Writing Center during this challenging time.

To book an appointment for a written feedback session, use WCOnline — much like you did when you were booking on-campus face-to-face appointments. However, rather than selecting a time to meet in the Writing Center, you will select a session with the Writing Fellow of your choice. The session is linked to the day but not to a specific time on that day. This gives fellows the option of reading and providing feedback at the time of day that makes sense for their own remote academic schedules. 

In order to ensure you receive feedback in a timely manner, we ask that you book your written feedback session at least the day before you would like your paper read. We also ask that if your needs change and if you no longer require feedback, that you cancel the session at least the day before it is scheduled to be read in order to make the time available for others. WCOnline will not allow same-day appointments or cancellations.

In order for the Writing Fellow to provide the most useful feedback, please do the following: 

  • upload a copy of your assignment to your appointment form 
  • be sure to share a brief description of your concerns in the provided text box on the appointment form
  • share a Google Doc with any outlining or writing you have already done with (be sure to allow us permission to comment or edit)

Fellows will read and provide feedback within the Google Doc on the day of the session and will send you an email follow-up before 10 p.m. Central Time. If you have any concerns or questions about scheduling a session or receiving your feedback, please email us at

A note about proofreading: Writing Fellows are happy to help you discover patterns of error in your writing and share grammar rules and resources with you to help you correct those errors and avoid them in future writing. You, as the writer, will be responsible for the final edits, just as you are responsible for the content. If you have specific grammar questions, please let us know when you share your other concerns on your appointment form.


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Heather Carroll