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Virtual world premiere of Wind Orchestra’s ‘Talitha Cumi’


James Ripley

May 15, 2020

Music students using the Acapella app played together, even though physically separated, to produce the world premiere of “Talitha Cumi” — the final composition in a set of three commissioned by the College for the 150 Years of Carthage Women celebration


The final product was released to the public on Friday, May 15, which was slated as the date of the last concert of the year for the band members but was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Members of the Wind Orchestra chamber ensemble AMATI each layered in their own instrumental part through the app, utilizing an audio “realization” of the music supplied by composer Sydney Kjerstad and a visual track of Professor James Ripley conducting the selection with the same audio. The students and composer met through a Zoom meeting to discuss the context and performance elements of the work before beginning the process of recording.

“Talitha Cumi” is a phrase spoken by Jesus, as related in Mark 5:41, when he heals the daughter of Jarius by taking her by the hand and says “Little girl, arise.” It was chosen as a thematic element for two of the commissioned works for its significance in the 150 Years of Carthage Women celebration, exemplifying “a gentle call to arise, to do great things, in celebration of those first intrepid women who joined the student body and the many contributions from those that have followed.” 

Other works in the set of three commissions were Judy Bozone’s “Rise Up!” premiered by the Wind Orchestra during homecoming weekend, and Jocelyn Hagen’s “Shieldmaiden,” which was featured during the Wind Orchestra’s Japan Tour in January. 

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