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Small steps lead to big results for you

By The Aspire Center

June 05, 2020

This week in the Aspire summer series, you’ll learn “How a Job is Born” and what that means for everything from figuring out what you want to do to getting it.

What to do this week? We have some suggestions for ways to get focused at scheduled times or to work on your own. You’ll also see estimates of how much time to plan for each recommended activity.

Plenty of items can take under five minutes to complete or start to see results!


  • Navigating Networking: If you didn’t check out this video yet, this might be a good day for it – Under 2 minutes from click to completion.
  • Who do you know? Start to create a list of people you know. Usually, students know more people than they realize. Check out the My Network Map for ideas. Set a timer for 15 minutes and see how many people you can identify; once you get started, you might choose to spend more time.
  • Bonus points: Make it LinkedIn Official: Compare who you listed on your network map with connections on LinkedIn and other social media networks. Not on LinkedIn yet or haven’t done much with your profile? Go to to create your profile. Learn more about how to enhance your profile here. We’ll coach you further on LinkedIn and The Aspire Network in future sessions - this is a bonus points task for a reason!


  • Celebrate! Maybe you did one career development task on Monday for two minutes, maybe you got inspired and spent the whole day. Take at least 1 moment today to celebrate no matter how small your task or how much longer the journey seems to get what you want. With so many of your favorite options for celebration probably not available right now, how could you possibly celebrate?? Try this: Find The Aspire Center on Instagram or Facebook. Reply to our post celebrating you - it can be as simple as “I did it!” We will applaud (or the virtual equivalent). Maybe it’s a little silly – We know that celebrating even small successes feeds your confidence and motivation, so let’s take a single moment to be silly together! Then, back to the other things that need our attention. 5 minutes
  • Study Up or Take a Break? Spend a little more time with yesterday’s ideas? Jump on The Aspire Network to look for people you want to know? Or, take a break from career development today and wait for tomorrow’s inspiration?


  • How a Job (or Internship) is Born: Watch for the next Bridge to see the newest Aspire video that gives you the real information on how jobs and internships are created and how to get early access to positions before they are even publicly available – maybe even to get a position created just for you! It’s never too early to learn these lessons.
  • Complete your Aspire Online Check-up: We’ve been giving you small bites of career development, and maybe you’re wondering how you are really doing. Is there something else you need to do, or are you right on track toward your goals? Are there questions you’ve been meaning to ask, but keep delaying? Complete online check-up on Wednesday and meet up with us during our virtual drop-in time on Thursday. (Sure, you can meet with your Career Specialist anytime, but we were thinking it might be nice to try a different kind of virtual meet-up.)
  • For Grads: We’ll be cheering you on if you are able to pick up your diploma in person - congratulations! Alumni retain full access to The Aspire Center after graduation for navigating this first transition after graduation or getting help in the future.


  • Come See Us! Well, kind of. We’ll be online from 9:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. We’re pretty excited about a new kind of drop-in virtual meet-up. Career Specialists will be available day and night for you to talk about your online check-up, share ideas, or respond to any other questions you have – more details on Wednesday. Whether you have clear plans or not, we’re here to help!

You can always do more than the recommendations above. If you are looking for more steps to take, let us know. If you’d like to schedule an appointment with your Career Specialist during any time, please feel free to connect with us.

If you are not sure that you want to get started with any of this, is procrastination getting in your way? Learn about giving yourself a break from an internationally-known organizational psychologist and best-selling author. Yes, even some of the most successful people in the world put off things they know they should do sometimes. 

Remember, even small steps make a difference, so give yourself credit for all of the progress you are able to make! These are challenging times in many ways. 

Learn more about our summer series.


The Aspire Center


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