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Points or Percentage? Gradebook in eLearning will do it with ease


Christopher Grugel

June 23, 2014

Using the Gradebook feature in eLearning to calculate current and final grades for students is easy — and has the added benefit of allowing your students to always be able to see their current standing in the class.

If you still use Excel or another way to calculate grades for your students, you should really consider taking a close look at how eLearning can help you with this process. Additional side benefits include being able to copy the same grading system from semester to semester for this same class with the same assignments.

  • Do you grade by the point method, whereas all the points tabulate to be their final grade? For example, the course is worth 1,000 points, and the final exam is worth 200 points.  If so, choose this method.
  • Do you grade by the type of assignment? For example, you may give three or four exams in the class, but no matter what, exams will only be worth 25% of the overall grade. If so, choose this method.

You may schedule time with Chris Grugel (, 551-5373) during the summer to implement eLearning features for your class.