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Thursdays in Black: Support a world free of gender-based violence


Kara Baylor

October 06, 2020

Warning: This announcement is about sexual assault and violence. 

Carthage is participating in Thursdays in Black, a movement towards a world without rape and violence. Wear black Thursday, Oct. 8 and throughout the school year to show that you stand with survivors and stand for a world without gender-based violence. 

Informative fact: According to RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network), among undergraduate students, 23.1 percent of females and 5.4 percent of males have reported experiencing rape or sexual assault. It is the unfortunate truth that this number may not even scratch the surface, as RAINN also states that it is believed only 23 percent of rapes are ever reported.

Carthage is choosing to raise awareness in a simple way that allows anyone to show their support for survivors. Even wearing a shirt to your Zoom calls can make a difference. Laptop stickers are also available for anyone interested (and they are 100 percent free).

It is our goal to build a campus where survivors can feel accepted and safe, and to build a campus free of sexual violence.

Please look for future Bridge posts with more informative facts about our cause, including awareness on sexual and domestic abuse/violence. 

If you want more information on how you can spread awareness, show support, and join Thursdays in Black, please contact:

Matthew Colinelli, 
Pastor Kara Baylor, 

Share photos of yourself wearing black on Thursdays on social media using the hashtags:



Center for Faith and Spirituality


Kara Baylor,
Matthew Colinelli,