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Safety First

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to evolve, Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium will closely monitor and follow guidelines from federal, state, and community officials regarding on-site competitions.  Protecting the health and safety of team members, staff and judges is our primary priority.  WSGC will be in contact with participants on specifics and changes to challenges and competitions if any.

Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium will follow the recommendations provided by Carthage College for all meetings and gatherings and adhere to the #StaySafeCarthage practices set forth by campus administration. 

In an effort to bring team-based opportunities to students, WSGC continues to explore virtual, hybrid, and in-person modifications to our popular programs. The WSGC team will work with faculty advisors to help your team successfully participate in our program safely. 

As Lt. Col. Willie B.  Williams, research portfolio manager in the International Space Station Research Office at NASA’s Johnson Space Center often says, “Don’t deselect yourself from the process.”  Williams encourages students to try even when the situation seems impossible.  COVID-19 continues to present challenges, but we will meet these challenges together. 

Wisconsin Tripoli Rocketry Association works with the Department of Natural Resources at Richard Bong Recreational Area to effectively manage rocket launches.  All spectators and participants will be required to bring and wear a mask. Temperature checks will be conducted by Tripoli at the launch site. .  Group sizes will be limited to the policies put forth by the Wisconsin DNR and social distancing requirements will be in effect for all participants. 

Students and faculty are encouraged to follow their campus’ recommendations and policies. Teams can effectively work together by utilizing virtual meeting spaces and online logbooks, limiting in-person exposure, wearing a face mask, and washing hands frequently. 

If you have further questions about WSGC’s #StaySafe practices and/or obstacles and challenges in forming a team to participate in a program, please contact the WSGC Program Office.

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