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Carthage’s African Studies program is an interdisciplinary minor that allows students to explore society, culture, language, history, politics, economics, and international relations. The curriculum includes six courses (24 credits): a common experience African Transitions course as well as additional electives in arts, language and culture, gender studies, and religion.

Against a backdrop of increasing cultural and commercial globalization, Africa holds four of the world’s twenty largest countries by population, yet none of their economies rank in the top twenty. This creates the potential for Africa to be the next “rising continent.” Realizing this potential will require investment, resources, and people from both inside and outside of the continent. At the same time, many countries of Africa are still struggling to shake off the residuals of colonial rule and create viable democracies. Understanding the tensions and synergies between Africa’s potential for the future and its attempts to heal and move on from the past is necessary in order for effective work on the continent.

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