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Three exciting educational opportunities for Spring 2021


Catherine Lau

November 19, 2020

Expand your knowledge and avoid winter doldrums with three exciting educational opportunities!

Volunteer opportunity — VITA

Earn one credit and learn how to file income taxes right here on campus. No prior knowledge of taxes or accounting necessary.

Due to health concerns, VITA volunteers will not be going to outreach centers in the community this spring but will work on tax filings in one of Carthage’s computer labs. This is a great opportunity to learn about tax filings and expand your network while assisting lower income members of the community. In 2020, a record number of students signed up: let’s beat last year’s number and have an even greater impact.

To register for a credit, enroll in ACC 200A. For more information, contact Ashley Freund at

Carthage Honors Symposium on Ethical Dilemmas

With grant support from the Interfaith Youth Core, this spring we’ll be offering FIN 400E/HON 4250S, a Carthage Symposium on Ethical Dilemmas in Business and Life on Tuesday nights. The course will be composed of lectures/discussions from a variety of disciplines, with a focus on inequities in society exacerbated by the pandemic. A key component will be the exploration of how different faiths are coping/reacting to the pandemic. Seats will be available for both honors and non-honors students.

Virtual Real Estate Summit

The Eisenberg Foundation sponsors real estate education and networking opportunities. This year, the Real Bright Summit will be held virtually Monday, Jan. 25 through Friday, Jan. 29. Student passes are a refundable $25: students who attend will have their fee refunded. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in learning out more about the $9 trillion real estate market.
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