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Tsen Under the leadership of Professor Darwin Tsen (Chinese and Japanese) and Target Language Experts Midori Iwamoto (Japanese) and Linfeng Li (Chinese) successfully presented their pedagogical research asynchronously at this year’s Wisconsin Association for Language Teachers (WAFLT) Conference on Nov. 6-7.

Their hour-long panel was titled “Content-Based Instruction and Cultural Literacy in Chinese and Japanese Language Teaching.”

Midori Iwamoto Iwamoto-sensei, who worked for one of Japan’s major news agencies prior to Carthage, talked about composition practice methods inspired by news articles in her presentation “CBI Teaching Ideas: Writing Newspaper Articles in the Elementary Japanese Classroom.”

Li Laoshi, who has taught Chinese in New York and Thailand, shared his pedagogical approaches to cultural issues in “CBI Teaching Ideas in the Elementary Chinese Classroom: Gift-Giving Taboos and Study Schedules.”

Linfeng Li To close out the panel, Prof. Tsen, focusing on his two semesters of teaching Advanced Chinese, discussed the role of cross-cultural comparison in his presentation “Learning to Compare — Critical Thinking with Intercultural Content.”

The panel was delivered as a pre-recorded session and is available for viewing to those who may be interested. 


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