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On December 7, 2020, Dr. Phil Gardner presented the 50th Annual Recruiting Trends report for a virtual event sponsored by Minnesota College and University Career Services Association (MCUCSA), Wisconsin Association of Colleges and Employers (WIACE), and Wisconsin Private Colleges Career Consortium (WIPCCC). The presentation describes expected patterns in national and regional collegiate hiring trends for 2020-21 and was moderated by Lisa Hinkley from Carthage College. 


Approximately 3000 employers responded to the 50th Annual Recruiting Trends Survey.

While the pandemic is obviously influencing the labor market, employers are still hiring students who are well-prepared, persistent, and able to present their capabilities throughout the hiring process. Unfortunately, some fields have been particularly hard-hit by the pandemic, and students may need to consider alternative options for securing positions or related experiences. The Aspire Center team is available to work with Carthage College students and alumni to hone their professional development and search plans.

To learn more about Recruiting Trends, watch the presentation and visit Michigan State University’s Collegiate Employment Research Institute to download the full regional and national reports: