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Intellectual Foundations tutoring: What you need to know


Heather Carroll

February 11, 2021

Intellectual Foundations, your core course that will support the rest of your liberal arts education here at Carthage, challenges students to read critically and develop cultural literacy. This class is not only about fantastic epics and timeless literature, but it is about digging deeper into what makes our society the way it is. You are analyzing texts that have withstood the test of time and seeking to understand why. 

For many students, thinking about texts in this way is difficult, which is why the Office of Peer Tutoring and the Brainard Writing Center are here to help you get as much from the class as possible. Start your time at Carthage off strong!

Peer Tutoring

Annemarie Seth ’21 is available via Zoom for one-on-one tutoring by appointment. When scheduling, please note what text you are reading, your current assignment, and if you have any specific items you’d like to discuss. This information will help Annemarie come prepared to make the most of your time. She is your best source for digging deep into a reading and discussing how multiple readings connect.

Writing Center

The writing fellows offer one-on-one writing consultations by appointment. They can meet with you on Zoom for a live virtual session or offer written feedback on your Google Doc. They can offer conversation and guidance on the strength of your thesis and analysis, the effectiveness of your organization, and the clarity of your sentences. We encourage you to visit early and often during the drafting process.

Make an appointment

Peer Tutoring and Writing Center appointments can be made at WCOnline.

If you did not create an account, please follow the instructions on the right of the home page. When looking for Annemarie on the peer tutoring schedule, it is fastest to filter by course code (COR 1100 and COR 1110).


Office of Peer Tutoring


Heather Carroll,