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Help choose a topic for the Braver Angels debate March 10


Tyler Kelly

February 22, 2021

Braver Angels logoCarthage will sponsor its first Braver Angels debate on Wednesday, March 10. This is the start of a student-led effort to begin an open political dialogue on campus, across majors and political lines. Braver Angels debates are not traditional debates in which you seek to “beat” your opponent; they are a collective search for truth that brings forth vigor, passion, and greater understanding.

Events like these are essential to bringing our campus and our country together. In order to have a conversation that engages all members of our community, we seek your input on what would best engage our campus and our students. 

Help us choose a debate topic for March 10

During the debate, Carthage students, faculty, and staff will make speeches of 2-4 minutes either for or against the chosen resolution, and other members will ask questions through a trained debate chair for the speakers to answer. Anyone who attends can volunteer to speak.

The goal of these debates is to ensure that free speech is respected on our campus, which is why we are encouraging everyone on our campus to participate. We are excited to be joined by all three of the political organizations on campus — Carthage Republicans, Carthage Democrats, and Carthage Left Alliance. Everyone is welcome at this event. No matter how engaged or not engaged you are in politics, you will get value from partaking in this post-partisan debate. 

Participate in other Braver Angels events such as “Depolarizing Conversations about Race,” facilitated by Carthage’s Cameron Swallow, on Saturday, March 6. Learn more about this event


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Tyler Kelly,