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The Mock Trial tournament was held at the Kenosha County Courthouse. Carthage Mock Trial Team completed its season during the Regional Tournament on Feb. 27-28. 

Team Black fell one victory short of advancing to the Opening Round Championship Series for the third consecutive year. Team Black finished 4-4 while competing virtually at the University of Washington. Five wins were necessary to advance. Anne Ewart ’22 won an Outstanding Attorney Award in addition to serving as co-captain of Team Black throughout the season, which began last September. Team Red competed at Brown University and also put several “wins” on the board.

This year’s season provided a number of challenges due to the virtual Zoom tournaments. Instead of traveling to each tournament, Mock Trial occupied the entire second floor of the Clausen Center during their competition weekends. The teams became very proficient at using green screens and virtual images, some of which were so realistic several judges asked if the attorney/witness was actually in a courtroom, doctor’s office, winery, etc. The dedication each member of the team committed to this season was immense.

One advantage to the virtual format, however, was the ability for both teams to compete in tournaments throughout the country rather than just the Midwest. In doing so, the teams had the opportunity to realize firsthand Carthage Mock Trial’s impact on a national level while competing at St. Bonaventure in New York. One of the judges at St. Bonaventure was a former mocker herself and a recent Villanova Law School graduate who is currently employed with a New York City law firm.

At the end of each round, the judges ask which schools the students represent. When our team told her, she said: “Oh wow, Carthage! You’re the guys who knocked out Miami and rolled your way to the National Championship Tournament a few years ago. I still remember everyone asking: Who is this? Who is Carthage?” Miami was the number four team in the country and was one of the teams expected to win the national title in 2016. Carthage finished the season ranked 43rd out of more than 650 teams nationwide that year. Five years later, Carthage still has a name on the national stage.

Three of the six competitors on the 2016 team, Brittney Frederick ’17, Hailey McClung ’17, and DaQuawn Bruce ’18 continue to guest coach and help judge Carthage teams on a regular basis. They were thrilled to know the Mock Trial world is still talking about their accomplishments at Carthage.

This year’s team members

Carthage Black              

  • Jonathan Allen ’22             
  • Ashley Castillo ’23             
  • Kayle Czischki ’23               
  • Anne Ewart ’22 **               
  • Liv Higgins ’23                   
  • Alicia Lederhaus ’24           
  • Elizabeth Stroh ’21 **          

Carthage Red           

  • Mariah Bader ’24
  • Sam Croak ’21
  • Ashleigh Espinoza ’24
  • Angel Garcia ’24 **
  • Andrew Kline ’22
  • Michaela Moore ’24
  • Melissa Wallner ’24
  • Abby Vidruk ’23 **

** Denotes team captains

The team is coached by Professor Michael Phegley, with the assistance of Attorney Margaret Johnson. In addition to the 2016 team members mentioned above, Michelle Knapp ’18 and Josh Kundert ’19 also continue to provide assistance to the teams as well. Professor Art Cyr and the A. W. Clausen Center for World Business also provide support at each tournament and throughout the season.


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