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Seeking faculty and staff input: Textbooks for all students at Carthage


Shannon Brennan

July 22, 2021

textbooksCarthage faculty and staff, we seek your ideas, input, and questions concerning an initiative that we are exploring to help Carthage work towards our equity goals as articulated in the Moon Shot for Equity project.

The aim

The aim of the initiative is to make textbooks available to all full-time Carthage students beginning in the fall 2023.

The “Textbooks for All” initiative has precedent at institutions such as the University of the Cumberlands, Illinois College, Hamline University, and others. Many such programs employ a textbook-in-tuition model that folds the cost of textbooks into the institution’s sticker price. Bundling in this way also significantly reduces the cost of textbooks.

Provide feedback

You can give us feedback at

The success of this project at Carthage will depend upon our collective participation and thoughtful implementation. Thus, we’re hoping that you’ll reach out to share ideas, questions, anticipated challenges, or any other thoughts that you’d like us to consider as we develop this project. Those who would like to participate in developing the initiative are also warmly invited to join the team — just let us know! 

Thank you for all the ways that you support our students and participate in our community. We hope you’re enjoying a restful or active summer (whichever you most need) and send our best wishes.


Abigail Hanna,
Carol Sabbar,
Sara Jensen,
Shannon Brennan,