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Center for Faith and Spirituality hiring interfaith community builder for spring term


Debra Clark

November 09, 2021

Stained glassThe Center for Faith and Spirituality (CFS) and Campus Pastor Kara Baylor are hiring a new interfaith community builder for spring 2022. (This position could carry over into the 2022-23 year.)

Apply on Handshake or contact Debbie Clark at

Job description

  • Recruit and prepare speakers for Interfaith Lunch each Thursday in coordination with CFS pro staff supervisor.
  • Help set up Interfaith Lunch, greet people as they arrive, give announcements and introduce guest speakers, and help clean up Ehrler Hospitality Center after lunch.
  • Work with Interfaith Lunch co-coordinator to create weekly programming, including speakers. Communicate with speakers leading up to their scheduled date.
  • Work with print and social media CFS student staff on Interfaith Lunch publicity.
  • Communicate with Debbie Clark when supplies are running low in Ehler Hospitality Center (when applicable).
  • Commit to attending Interfaith Leadership Institute (ILI) one or two years in Chicago in August.
  • Be familiar with Interfaith Youth Core and the resources available on their website.
  • Serve an average of three hours per week.
  • Be an interfaith leader on campus, look for ways to collaborate with organizations on campus, and help Carthage live up to the Nine Interfaith Strategies from IFYC.
  • Meet weekly or bi-weekly with CFS professional staff supervisor 


Center for Faith and Spirituality


Debbie Clark,