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While J-Term 2022 was certainly not a typical J-Term at Carthage, students made the very most of the opportunities presented to them and no doubt had some fun throughout the journey.

During a typical J-Term, there are up to 20 global destinations to choose from, but the pandemic significantly impacted those trips the past two years. This year, Carthage students traveled to Honduras, Spain, and Peru, where they immersed themselves in the different cultures. But don’t worry, students on campus weren’t left out of the fun. Carthage offered many on-campus courses that were unique and hands-on, including Exemplary STEM Education, Small Business Fundamentals, Career Planning and Exploration, and many more. Keep reading to learn what our students learned, saw, and accomplished over the past 21 days.


Study Tours


Students on the WMG/POL/MLA 675: The Role of Tourism and its Effect on Women and the Environment in Peru study tour got the experience of a lifetime during their two-week stay. They visited Machu Picchu, stayed in the homes of Peruvian locals, and toured the city of Lima. Not only did they get to immerse themselves in and learn about Peruvian culture, but we’re sure that they brought just a little bit of their Carthage hospitality to the people there too.

Students in front of Iglesia Virgen de la Medalla Milagrosa (?Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Ch...


On the MLA 675: Spain: Intensive Language study tour, Carthage students got to experience everything Spanish. They took flamenco dance lessons, traditional Spanish cooking classes, and learned how to write their very own Spanish song. Needless to say, this study tour taught students the art of learning about another culture and the art of sharing their own.

Student posing in front of a castle in El Castillo Viejo, Spain



Exemplary STEM Education

Back on campus, during this education J-Term course, students got real-world experience in the classroom by going to schools in the Kenosha area and working with teachers to educate students. This J-Term course focused on the science of the Winter Olympics, so Carthage students and their pupils got to ice-skate, create artificial snow, and go to the Chicago Field Museum. Education major or not, this J-Term class made learning fun.

Students ice skating in Veterans Memorial Park in Kenosha, Wis.

Small Business Fundamentals

In Small Business Fundamentals with Professor Jeffery Thomas, students learned how to write a business plan, and they got the opportunity to present the plan to community loan officers. Business owners in Racine, Kenosha, and Chicago came to Carthage to talk to the students about the realities of starting a business and how to avoid making common mistakes. Business plans presented by students included mobile coffee trailers, trackable golf balls, and a heated jacket company. We look forward to seeing these up-and-coming entrepreneurs make their dream companies a reality!

Anthony Chiappetta presenting to community loan officers in his class, Small Business Fundamental...

Career Planning and Exploration

Students traveled to Fiserv Forum, home of the Milwaukee Bucks, for the Career Planning and Exploration course. During their visit, students took a VIP tour of the arena, which included access to the court, locker rooms, and special seating areas. The tour also included a panel discussion featuring Bucks employees who work in the fields of communication, human resources, ticketing operations, partner strategy, and more. Undecided and decided alike gained value from exploring different career paths. We’re sure Carthage students will make slam dunks in whichever career they choose.

Students on the Milwaukee Bucks court.


All in all, despite the challenges presented to them, Carthage students thrived and grew during J-Term 2022. Whether on campus or on a different continent, students brought their Carthage spirit to every situation. Until next J-Term, Carthage!

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