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Dear Carthage students, faculty, and staff,

Thank you for all you have done over the past two years to keep our community safe and healthy. We are extraordinarily grateful for the tremendous community effort we have seen across campus.

In recent weeks, the nation’s COVID-19 infection rate has been falling very quickly, the CDC has revised its guidelines as a result, and our own dashboard shows the same trend on campus. In addition, the Kenosha County rate has also been extremely low and the city of Kenosha and our local public school system have moved to mask optional or will soon in the case of KUSD (March 28).

On the basis of this, Carthage will no longer require masks on campus beginning Monday, March 21. This will also include no masking requirement in classrooms and on the campus shuttle. Masks will still be required when hazardous substances are being used such as certain chemicals.

We encourage any students, faculty, and staff who wish to wear masks for their own protection to do so.

As we have done throughout the pandemic, we will continue to monitor positive case rates and the recommendations of the CDC and our local health department for guidance should conditions change.


The COVID-19 Coordinating Committee