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We want to alert you to some changes to parking policies for the upcoming year. As always, your cooperation is appreciated in order to keep our campus safe.

Permit updates

  • There will be a slight reduction in cost to several residential permits
  • The number of South Lower Lot permits available for purchase has increased
  • Residential students can purchase premium parking spaces in the Pike River Lot, located west of Augie Schmidt Field and adjacent to Alford Park Drive
  • Commuter and off-campus permits have been combined into a single permit for use in the North Lot and South Lower Lot

Permit options available in the MyCarthage portal for fall 2022 check-in are based on each student’s living status: resident, commuter, or off-campus. Residential students can only select from residential permits in the portal, and commuter and off-campus students can only choose permits specified for their status.

  • Residential student — A student who lives in housing on campus
  • Commuter student — A student who lives with their parent or legal guardian within 30 miles from campus and has been approved to be a commuter by the College
  • Off-campus student — A student who is eligible to live off campus due to credit hours (currently) and who does not meet the commuter criteria

Policy updates

Citation charges have been modified for 2022-23.

  • Parking fines: 1st citation = $35, 2nd citation = $70, 3rd citation = $110, 4th citation = $150, 5th citation = $200, 6th-8th citations = $250. All subsequent parking citations carry a $300 fine
  • On the third citation, any violators will be towed to their permitted lot
  • On the fourth citation, any violators will be towed to the impound lot and lose parking privileges
  • Major violations — such as parking in a handicap space, reserved/restricted space, an area not designated as parking, or in an area that poses a safety issue — are subject to immediate removal
  • Any student found to have forged, altered, falsified, tampered, duplicated, or manipulated a Carthage parking permit will lose their parking privileges and may face student conduct charges

Learn more about parking policies for 2022-23

Parking permits are sold on a first come, first serve basis; therefore, we encourage you to engage in your check-in portal early if you are seeking a premium residential parking spot.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to


Derek Ferguson
Director of Public Safety

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