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Class of 2022 nursing students were recognized for the successful completion of the Nursing Program and admission to the nursing profession during a Pinning Ceremony on May 7. The ceremony engaged each student by celebrating, pledging, and badging.

Cohort representatives Sydney Zelko ’22 and Cecilia Urbano ’22 kicked off the celebration by presenting the cohort composite of photos to be hung in Lentz Hall. Following the photo display, Caili Hosler ’22 gave a congratulatory speech reflecting on the nursing academic experience at Carthage.

Registered nurses pledged an oath together. Jordyn Bloode ’22 then introduced the pledging part of the ceremony with the “Oath Reflection” and invited all registered nurses — students, audience members, and faculty members — to stand and say the oath together as colleagues.

Badging occurred with the placement of the pin and Hayley Hagen ’22 giving the “Tradition of the Pinning” speech. The Carthage Nursing Pin was designed with Carthage’s mission in mind, reminding students of their duty to “seek truth, build strength, and inspire service — together.”

During the ceremony, students and faculty members were awarded honors for their exceptional achievements throughout the 2022-23 academic year:

Student awards

  • Alyssa Schwarz ?22 receiving the Outstanding Undergraduate Nursing Student Award. Alyssa Schwarz ’22 receiving the Outstanding Undergraduate Nursing Student Award. Exemplary Clinical Experience Award — Noah Schaefer ’22
    Presented to a senior who has displayed exceptional professionalism, confidence, and critical thinking ability in the clinical area, demonstrating compassion, inquisitiveness, and self-motivation.
  • Leadership in Nursing Practice Award — Jordyn Bloode ’22
    Presented to a student who consistently displays leadership in the classroom and/or clinical area, demonstrating sustained professionalism, independence, and provided mentorship and guidance to their colleagues. They are seen by their colleagues as a leader of the class.
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Nursing Student — Alyssa Schwarz ’22
    Presented to a senior who has displayed exceptional academic and clinical achievement throughout the program, particularly in their dedication and commitment to their academics. This student ranks in the upper 10 percent of the class, demonstrates dedication to their academic pursuits, and willingly shares their knowledge with their colleagues.

Faculty awards

  • Clinical Instructor Danielle Kozak Joy receiving the Excellence and Innovation in Clinical Teachi... Clinical Instructor Danielle Kozak Joy receiving the Excellence and Innovation in Clinical Teaching Award. Excellence and Innovation in Clinical Teaching Award — Clinical Instructor Danielle Kozak Joy
    Presented to a nursing faculty member who contributes a professional and comfortable environment for students; helps them hone their clinical judgment and reasoning with questions, post-conference activities, and role-modeling; demonstrates outstanding skills in directing learning, advising students; and facilitates effective interaction between faculty and students.
  • Excellence and Innovation in Academic Teaching Award — Professor Patricia Flannery
    Presented to a nursing faculty member who consistently provides innovative teaching strategies, challenges students with rigorous course materials, and encourages students to ask questions, work hard, and excel in nursing practice. The recipient is instrumental to the success of this nursing program and never fails to demonstrate exceptional skills when directing learning, advising students, and facilitating teamwork and interactions among students.
  • Educator of the Year “Crystal Flame Award” — Professor Kristin Klimisch
    Presented to an exemplary member of the nursing faculty who facilitates creativity and enthusiasm both in the classroom and in the clinical setting. This educator has had a significant impact on all of the students in the class and is a strong student advocate. The recipient consistently provides an interesting and engaging environment that allows students to grow into their roles as professional nurses.

Class of 2022 — thank you for your dedication to serving humanity through nursing. Shine your light of hope brightly!

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