APACC members enjoying themselves for the new year in the Carthage pool!
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Songkran is a time of tradition and family, almost the equivalent of Christmas in Thai culture. Families go to temples, build sandcastles, and pray to their loved ones. With a great symbolism of water, Songkran is celebrated by “cleansing” families, buddha statues, and believers with water.

APACC members enjoying themselves for the new year in the Carthage pool! APACC celebrated by having a pool party in the TARC, complete with water guns, blasters, and buckets! A presentation was also given by Carthage freshman Ice Sungkakham ’25 on the history, significance, and modern-day celebrations of Songkran in Thailand.

APACC also celebrated the start of Asian American and Pacific Islander Month, which is held during the month of May. This month is a great way to acknowledge the AAPI community and recognize the contributions and influence to the history, culture, and achievements of the United States.

APACC is an organization that strives to educate and celebrate our AAPI students and their respective cultures. Meetings include activities, presentations, and events to help people learn more about culture in the Asian continent and feel more comfortable with different ways of life and perspectives. ALL ARE WELCOME! Anyone of any background and culture can join APACC’s meetings and membership. In fact, this is encouraged as culture is meant to be shared and learned by anyone and everyone!

Ice Sungkakham presents the history and traditions of Songkran. If you are interested in joining APACC or just getting updates on APACC events, contact APACC through their Instagram or via The Harbor. APACC would love to have you!

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APACC, Asian Studies

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Faculty Advisor, Stephen Udry (sudry@carthage.edu)

Student E-Board, Ice Sungkakham (ysungkakham@carthage.edu)