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New graduates aren’t the only ones ready to celebrate. The Office of Marketing and Communications invites all Carthage faculty and staff members to share their recent accomplishments via The Bridge.

It’s easy! Just use our online form to post a short write-up (in most cases, you’ll want to select “Kudos” as the story topic). 

Any items we receive by May 25 also will be considered for the Summer 2022 issue of The Carthaginian magazine.

Submit a news story

Common types of achievements

  • Publications in academic journals
  • Speaking invitations at major professional conferences
  • Professional or personal awards
  • Appointed/elected roles in state or national organizations
  • Significant teaching or research grants
  • Community outreach or service learning projects
  • Completion of advanced degrees
  • Career milestones, including impending retirement

Because these publications target a non-academic audience, it’s helpful to include a brief explanation of the achievement’s significance (i.e., “the most prominent peer-reviewed journal in the field”).

If humility or self-consciousness are holding you back, you can email us at to request that we hide the submitter’s name. Remember, spreading the word about our collective impact elevates the College as a whole.

Thanks for all you do!