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We want to give you a brief overview of parking on campus and emphasize the importance of compliance with the parking policy.


  • Students must have parking permits to park in designated student parking lots. Permits can be purchased during the online check-in process
  • Each lot has a designated permit that allows the student to park in that particular lot. Students are not allowed to park in a lot they do not have a permit for
  • Parking permits are available for purchase for the South Lower Lot ($1,500 per academic year), Pike River Lot ($1,000 per academic year), Apartment Lot ($750 per academic year), Smeds Tennis Center Lot ($500 per academic year), 35th Street Lot ($200 per academic year), and 14th Avenue Lot ($200 per academic year). See on-campus parking map
  • The Carthage Shuttle runs to the remote/off-campus lots (Smeds Tennis Center, 14th Avenue, and 35th Street) 24 hours/7 days a week when school is in session. For more information, visit the Carthage Shuttle information page

Parking enforcement

The Office of Public Safety will issue parking citations for violations of the parking policy.

Reminder: Students must park in the lot for which they have a permit.

  • Parking fines: 1st citation = $35, 2nd citation = $70, 3rd citation = $110, 4th citation = $150, 5th citation = $200, 6th-8th citations = $250. All subsequent parking citations carry a $300 fine
  • On the third citation, any violators will be towed to their permitted lot
  • On the fourth citation, any violators will be towed to the impound lot and lose parking privileges
  • Major violations, such as vehicles parked in a handicap space, reserved/restricted spaces, or areas not designated as parking or that pose a safety issue are subject to immediate removal
  • Any student found to have forged, altered, falsified, tampered, duplicated, or manipulated a Carthage parking permit will result in the revocation of parking privileges and may face student conduct charges

Learn more about parking policies and permits

Parking permits are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis; therefore, we encourage students to engage in their check-in portal early if they are seeking a premium residential parking lot.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact, and we will get back to you.


Derek Ferguson
Director of Public Safety