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Professor Siovahn Williams Siovahn Williams Siovahn Williams and Professor Jojin Van Winkle have been selected for a Course Hero Teaching Grant.

This grant of $2,000 will support equipment for our upcoming fall 2022 co-taught section of the course Legacies of Race and Racism in the United States. The course examines the ways that the social construct of race relies on racisms that permeate public life with an examination of the historical and contemporary ways that racism and race mutually implicate and reinforce societal and individual opportunities and outcomes.

Jojin Van Winkle Jojin Van Winkle The funding provided by Course Hero will help Prof. Williams and Prof. Van Winkle incorporate innovative digital learning and pedagogy in the Legacies of Race and Racism course this fall. Instead of written qualitative research, students’ learning will culminate in video projects. Students will utilize visual language and aspects of video creation (research, pre-production, production, and post-production) to increase:

  • Abilities to successfully navigate technologies that enable digital expression
  • Skills necessary to make strategic use of digital media and visual displays of data to express information and enhance understanding
  • Understanding of how their vision can contribute to the world — become digital abolitionists or activists to appeal to a wider audience, finding ways to transform daily life

The actual content of the videos will be student-driven, as the video teams work together to identify and refine the focus of their project. Students will discuss and determine how their videos will be screened on campus and/or distributed online for the final project.

Both professors are thrilled to have received this grant and look forward to working together with Carthage students this fall!

Sponsoring Department, Office, or Organization:

Division of Professional Studies, Division of Arts and Humanities

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Siovahn Williams: