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The COVID-19 committee would like to share some information in advance of the 2022-23 school year. Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the information below:


At this time, masks are not required. We do encourage members of the community to mask to their comfort level. Should circumstances change, we will keep the community informed on any new requirements. Additionally, we encourage individuals who are not feeling well under any circumstances to wear a mask. Please read the sections below outlining guidance on masking in the case of a positive test or if you should be identified as a close contact.


The College will continue to require vaccination or exemption notices. All members of the Carthage community will need to have their vaccination status or exemption on file by Sept. 15. If you have already submitted this information and it is current, there is no action required. If your status has changed since your last submission (new vaccination or boosters), you will want to log in to the system to make updates. It is important to know vaccination status on campus should we need this information as we move forward into the fall term.

COVID-19 Dashboard

We will be pausing the COVID-19 dashboard. Current circumstances have revealed that individuals are underreporting positive cases to the institution making the data less reliable. If we are unaware of these cases, we cannot accurately report out to the community. We will continue to keep track of known positive cases through the health and counseling center as well as through human resources as a marker for any necessary revisions to policies and procedures as we move forward.


The institution will continue to offer symptomatic testing to students through the health and counseling center. Faculty and staff who experience symptoms should test before reporting to work.

What If I Test Positive?

Following new CDC guidance, we recommend that individuals testing positive for COVID-19 stay home/isolate from others for at least five days from the day of the positive test. Individuals who test positive will also need to wear a high-quality mask when they must be around others at home and in public. If after five days you are fever-free for 24 hours without medication, and your symptoms are improving, or you never had symptoms, you may end isolation after day five. You should then wear a high-quality mask through day 10. In summary, if you test positive, you should isolate for five days and then mask for five days following.

Students who test positive should notify the Dean of Students Office so they can review isolation procedures and make arrangements for accommodations, including food and coursework. Faculty and staff should notify Human Resources as well as their supervisor so that they can make accommodations for an absence.

Close Contacts

Per new CDC guidance, if you are identified as a close contact, you no longer need to quarantine at home or away from others. You can go to work, attend school and be in other settings around people as long as you wear a well-fitting, high-quality mask. Close contacts should mask for ten days following their possible exposure and then test at least five days after the exposure.

NCAA Guidelines

There are no additional COVID-19 NCAA guidelines or requirements at this time.

Events, Visitors, and Meetings

There are no restrictions or limitations for in-person meetings or events. There are also no restrictions on room or space capacity at this time. There are no restrictions for campus guests at this time. There are also no COVID-19 restrictions in the residence hall at this time.


We will continue our practices from the last part of the spring semester. Masks will not be required, but we fully support faculty and students who choose to wear them. Our academic program will be in person except for a very small number of approved exceptions. We will encourage students and faculty who are not feeling well to not attend class or other academic activities. Students or faculty who test positive for COVID are asked to isolate themselves for five days and wear a mask for five days after that. Those who experience a close contact with someone who has a confirmed case of COVID are asked to wear a mask for five days following and test on the fifth day. Faculty will provide accommodations for students who test positive either through virtual means or otherwise.


The institution is monitoring evolving information on the Monkeypox virus and is working with local health resources to prepare for any possible cases. Information on this virus will be available in multiple formats. More information can also be found on the CDC webpage. Should you have concerns about symptoms, please contact the Health and Counseling Center, which can assess symptoms and put you in contact with the appropriate resources.


The COVID-19 committee will continue to meet weekly to monitor the internal and external environment as we move through the year. As we know, things can change rapidly. Should circumstances change, we will be ready to reach out to the community with new guidance.

Thank you for your continued participation, and we look forward to a healthy and safe semester!

COVID-19 Committee